Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance? Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy. We hope you find it helpful.

What is Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy?

"Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy" is a new way of looking at information about health and nutrition in our state. The map uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology to visualize data to help government agencies, nonprofits, community organizations, and residents identify gaps in services and improve access to nutritious food. Learn more about the Roadmap.

Is there a complete list of all the data available in Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy, and where do I find it?

Yes! Check out our complete mapping data list. Are we missing something? Let us know.

How can I download data from Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy?

Start by visiting the Data section. Navigate to Reports by expanding the Data section’s submenu. Roadmap Champions have access to Open Data Portal, which is an associated website platform where data of interest can be searched and downloaded in a variety of formats including CSV, KML, API’s and Shapefiles (shp.)

Why should I register to become a Roadmap Champion?

There’s a lot you can do on the Roadmap without creating an account, but there are even more features when you register as a Roadmap Champion. As a Roadmap Champion, you can upload data to create custom maps and save them in the Roadmap application for future reference. Roadmap Champions also have access to the Roadmap Open Data Portal. Convinced? Register now.

How can I upload my own data into Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy?

If you are a Roadmap Champion, you will see an Upload File tab in the "Add Data" widget when making a map. Acceptable file types include CSV, Shapefiles, KML, KMZ and GeoJSON. Roadmap Champions desiring to upload more than 50 files, files that exceed 5MB, or files that consist of more than 1000 data points, please contact for assistance.

I’m a registered Roadmap Champion, but I can’t remember my password (or username).

Select “Reset Password” from the Login screen, inputting either your username or your email address. An email will be sent containing a link to the password reset page. This link will contain a temporary password that is unique to each Champion. This link will be valid for only 24 hours and will no longer be valid once it is used. Roadmap Champions should select the supplied link, reenter their username and change the password. Passwords must be complex and are required to be changed every 90 days.

Where can I sign up for trainings or request a live demo?

We host standard demos/training once a month. To see the schedule and sign up for one of these sessions, visit our Upcoming Webinars page. If you have a large group and would like a private demo, we can arrange that for you as well. Just contact us at and we will be in touch.

I’m not sure which information I should be looking at to get a snapshot of my area of interest. Can you help?

Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy is conveniently organized by themes: Demographics, Economic Conditions, Education, Food Access, and Health. All data associated with any of these themes, when chosen, is preselected to display on the map. Navigation controls including Zoom, Pan, Search and My Location allow you to further narrow your search to a specific area such as county, census tract, zip code, street address or your current location.

Which web browsers work for Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy?

Florida’s Roadmap to Living Healthy is designed to work well on the most recent versions of all commonly used browsers. There are some known compatibility issues with some versions of Internet Explorer (IE), specifically Microsoft Edge. If you encounter a problem and you are using IE or Edge, you might try again with another browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Why is the user manual document not displaying?

The user manual may have been blocked from displaying by your internet browser. By default, most internet browsers block pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen. When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar in your internet browser or an on-screen notification will indicate that the pop-up was blocked. You must adjust the settings of your internet browser to allow pop-ups from to view or download the User Manual.

Not finding the answers you were looking for here?

Feel free to reach out to us with your questions about the Roadmap at and we will be in touch with you soon.